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Packages of Love

Covid Medical Care Support for Kerala

Dear KAKC family,
It is time that we come together to make a difference while our state Kerala is going through an unprecedented humanitarian crisis caused by the severe COVID 19 surge during the second wave of the pandemic. We are hearing about patients not being able to access hospital beds and increasing daily mortality. While the State Health department is working relentlessly to curb the rising tide of cases, there is an ever increasing demand for medical resources such as ICU beds, pulse oximeters, face shields, masks etc.
The Association of Kerala Medical Graduates (AKMG) has liaised with the Indian Medical Association's "I-SAFE" program that includes a network of 1000 small & medium clinics throughout Kerala. They have identified the exact material needs in hospitals and is requesting generous donations from community organizations in US to support this initiative to supply the needs.
KAKC is joining hands with AKMG in this initiative, as it is executed directly by doctors and there is a diligent effort to make sure each dollar donated receives the best possible return.
Requesting everyone to make your donations at:
Please contact us at with any questions related to the Charity initiative.
KAKC Executive Committee 2021. (Link to sign-up)

KAKC charity initiative with AKMG - Covid Medical Care support for Kerala.(2021)

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Donate your desired amount to charity using the Paypal button below:

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