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KAKC aspires to provide a venue for social and personal growth through family kinship, non- partition fellowship and the enrichment of common ethnic values. It aims to enhance the collective identity of Malayalee lineage in Kansas City, while strengthening their commitment to the country of domicile, USA. It intends to promote individual growth leading to societal advancement while fulfilling the cultural yearning of the people of Malayalee heritage through individual presentation and collaborative endeavors in literary, artistic and social realms.


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Kerala Association of Kansas City (KAKC) was registered as a non-profit organization in 2003. KAKC encourages all Malayalees based in Kansas City and its surroundings to be a member. Membership entitles you to a host of benefits along with the feeling of belonging it creates. Please register and be a memeber


Updates - 2017

    Onam 2017 - September 16th, Blue Valley North West High School 

    Social Hour 2.30 - 3.30 PM , Performances start at 3.30 PM sharp!

    Tickets can be purchased at the venue.

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